Corporate- Wellness Program

A corporate wellness program is an employers’ approach towards achieving a healthy workplace by incorporating various health activities within the daily work schedule to promote their employees’ wellbeing. The benefits of corporate wellness programs are manifold.

Recipe & Product Development

Developing a recipe can be a well choreographed dance between research, testing and tasting. Other times it can feel as though there’s no possible way to create the desired end goal. The process can feel incredibly creative but can also feel very defeating.


Fit @40

A milestone when your metabolism start s slowing down , Gastric Issues & Bloating ,Acidity , Pre diabetes , weight gain starts popping up. This will give you sustainable diet & lifestyle solutions

Crowning Glory (Healthy skin & Hair)

Hair fall,Dandruff , Bad Skin -acne is not only a cosmetic problem .So before you hit for next cosmetic appt ,Check for Nutritional deficiency or underlying health cause . Get a customized plan here!

Sports Nutrition

All of you who are just looking to change the Body composition i.e not to loose weight but loose inches ,add muscles ,improve stamina & endurance ,tone up . Just don’t add a protein powder get a Plan.

Prenatal Nutrition

Pregnancy is a time when your nutritional status should be fully optimized.Learn what &how much to eat . Which supplements to take & also what nt to do.

Slim & Fit

Understand first why you are overweight /Obese ,identifying lifestyle issues & how to correct them .Weekly customized meal plans along with healthy recipes &.Cheat sheet , weight monitoring tools.

Healthy Kids

Identifying underlying medical reason for overweight / underweight. Balanced Diet for School & Home , Diet for better immunity & overall growth.

Weight Management

It is about maintaining or thriving to reach a weight that supports sustainable health. Body Composition Analysis, Underlying Health Issues like Diabetes, Prediabetic Condition, Hypothyroidism, PCOS.

Metabolic Disorders

For those diagnosed with Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, Autoimmune Disorders, Food intolerance/ Sensitivities, GOUT, Anemia, and BP. Let me help you with expert advice & take the guesswork out.